Smarter Manufacturing: Eyelit Technologies Acquires Optessa Software

2 minute read | February.26.2024

Eyelit Technologies, a portfolio company of Banneker Partners, has acquired Optessa Software, a pioneer in optimization and AI-powered advanced planning and scheduling software.

Orrick represented Eyelit Technologies. 


For more than 20 years, Eyelit Technologies has enabled significant gains by many of the world’s most innovative and sophisticated manufacturers. Its Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Quality Management (QMS), Automation software platforms and AI-based predictive analytics have delivered on the promise of smarter manufacturing. 

Eyelit Technologies products are used across the globe for aerospace and defense solutions, battery technology, medical devices, semiconductors and an increasing number of highly engineered products. Eyelit is a portfolio company of Banneker Partners, a private equity fund that invests in growing, mission-critical enterprise software businesses to drive sustainable long-term value. 

Optessa is a leader in planning and scheduling optimization software with many successful implementations among top-tier global manufacturers.


The acquisition extends Eyelit Technologies’ footprint into the automotive sector, where Optessa solutions are in use at four of the top 10 automotive original equipment manufacturers.

“The promise of smarter manufacturing is to make operational gains that create sustained value beyond the factory floor,” said Joe Bellini, CEO of Eyelit Technologies. 

“Through our acquisition of Optessa, we take smarter manufacturing further by offering intelligent planning and scheduling, two of the most important manufacturing workflows,” Bellini said. “We will continue serving the world’s leading automotive manufacturers with the highest standards while extending Optessa’s innovation, alongside our MES products, to a growing range of industries.”


The Orrick team that advised Eyelit Technologies included Zac Padgett, David Ruff, Derek Jones, Ashleigh Williams, Sky Stallbaumer, Jason Flaherty, Keith Tidwell, Lauren Guilford, Chanani Sandler, Laura Becking, Dina Dalessandro, Shannon Yavorsky, Matthew Coleman, Jennifer Criss, Jose Lamarque, Eric Wall, Elizabeth Zane, Maria Sergeyeva, Scott Porter, Julia Apostle, Marine Canu, Marie Gosset and Debbie Abernathy. 


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