Strategic Investment in the Construction Software Space: Banneker Partners Invests in XBE

2 minute read | January.26.2024

Banneker Partners, a leading private equity firm specializing in enterprise software, has made a significant investment in XBE, a leader in operations management software for the horizontal construction industry.


Banneker Partners specializes in investing in and growing enterprise software businesses. The company focuses on sustainable value through best practices, growth initiatives, and strategic acquisitions, supporting founders and management teams in enhancing customer value.

XBE offers an integrated solution encompassing materials, logistics, and construction management.


The investment will enable XBE to increase its pace of innovation and expansion, XBE said in a statement.

“We’ve partnered with Banneker to leverage their capital and proven expertise to accelerate the delivery of more value to more customers,” said Sean Devine, Founder and CEO of XBE.

Matt McDonald, Partner at Banneker Partners, said the firm has been interested in the construction space for years.

“With XBE, we believe that we’ve found the winning platform,” McDonald said. “We are excited to partner with Sean and his team to build upon their success by investing to enhance the product and delivering more value for customers.”


Zac Padgett, David Ruff, Derek Jones, and Ashleigh Williams advised Banneker with invaluable support and assistance from Jason Flaherty, Keith Tidwell, Heather Cron, Sharon Zhou, Shannon Yavorsky, Matthew Coleman, Bianca Ponziani, Daniel Yost, Shaya Afshar, Jose Lamarque, Eric Wall, Kimberly Loocke, David Rhinesmith, Jeanine McGuinness, Kelly Newsome, Maria Sergeyeva, Allison Bradham, Craig Falls, Greg Hume and Debbie Abernathy.


XBE news release

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