Litigation Daily Highlights Groundbreaking Jury Research Project

1 minute read | November.17.2023

  • Litigation Daily featured groundbreaking jury research conducted by partners Meghan Kelly and William Oxley, noting that their findings “were way out ahead of us on all this.”
  • Orrick’s trial team surveyed more than 1,000 potential jurors from around the nation to explore juror attitudes in today’s increasingly polarized society, developing best practices for connecting with juries in high-stakes trials.
  • “I feel like this is a really exciting time to be a trial lawyer who represents defendants, because with this data we can really focus on things that matter to people,” Bill told the publication.
  • “One of the things that we noticed is these are not attitudes that you were seeing just on the coasts, not in a certain demographic group,” Meghan added. “These were folks across ages, across genders, across the political spectrum. Everyone had lost faith in institutions. What we’ve seen that translate to in jury verdicts is that folks are absolutely willing to take jury service as an opportunity to send a message. This is their chance to make an impact on our system.”