Daily Journal Recognizes Lynne Hermle and Randy Luskey Among Top 100 Lawyers in California


Congratulations to partners Randy Luskey and Lynne Hermle for being named to the Daily Journal’s annual list of the top 100 lawyers in California.

In separate profiles, Lynne was featured for her long track record as a go-to employment lawyer for major companies such as Microsoft and Twitter while the publication highlighted Randy’s key role in a major white collar trial win earlier this year as well as his representation of the University of California system in high-profile litigation.

This marks the 7th time Lynne has been named to the Top 100 list. This feature (subscription required) on Lynne discussed the challenges of representing companies in difficult cases involving issues such as claims of workplace discrimination. “Anytime you’re trying to convince a jury that a plaintiff was not the victim of whatever allegations are being made, it’s typically important for them to understand your client and their business,” Lynne told the Daily Journal. “It’s important they understand that your client’s workplace is typically a fair place, a place in which people are treated respectfully and in which the employer does the right thing.”

The profile (subscription required) of Randy noted his role in an Orrick team that secured the acquittal of Katherine Mogal in a high-profile federal trade secrets trial in January, an outcome which resulted in the U.S. Justice Department dropping charges against the remaining defendants. Randy handled the closing argument in the trial. The publication also noted that Randy is currently a key member of a team representing UC in nine class actions brought on behalf of students seeking tuition refunds as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

“As a proud Berkeley alum, it’s an honor to be a trusted UC advisor,” Randy told the Daily Journal.