Forbes Features Orrick Associates’ Pro Bono Efforts to Help Los Angeles Protestors


Forbes magazine has featured the work of Orrick associates Tatyanna Senel and Yasmina Souri to represent individuals arrested during the George Floyd solidarity protests in Los Angeles.

"We were brainstorming about how we, as women of color, and attorneys, could support Black Lives Matter's efforts," Tatyanna told Forbes. "We're both passionate about the message, and we felt like there was something we could do with our law degrees."

The two helped facilitate Orrick’s partnership with the National Lawyers Guild, the oldest and largest progressive bar association in the United States. Orrick lawyers are working to provide legal representation to protestors and civil rights activists, as well as training to act as legal observers.

Tatyanna and Yasmina also rallied their personal and professional networks: "When we put our lists together with NLG's, we had almost 1000 attorneys, basically on retainer in the city of L.A., ready to represent any protestor who has been arrested or assaulted by the LAPD," Yasmina told Forbes. They’re also serving on NLG’s rapid response team to answer questions and volunteer in other capacities.

Orrick’s partnership with NLG is one way we’re partnering with clients to address social justice issues. Earlier this month, the firm announced the launch of the Orrick Racial Justice Fellowship Program, which will enable at least five Orrick lawyers to devote a year each to working on civil rights and social justice issues.