Josh Rosenkranz Named AmLaw “Litigator of the Week” for the 5th Time

The American Lawyer | April.02.2018

Dubbed the “the Defibrillator” by AmLaw for his ability to revive the toughest cases, Josh Rosenkranz did it again for our client Oracle in this most recent matchup at the Federal Circuit, earning him AmLaw’s Litigator of the Week honors for the fifth time. “Appellate courts don’t like overturning jury verdicts,” The American Lawyer reported. “Until this week, none is known to have overturned a jury verdict of fair use in a copyright infringement case.” But that is exactly what Josh and our team convinced the court to do. A three-judge Federal Circuit panel unanimously overturned a 2016 jury verdict, rejecting Google’s argument that it was fair use for Google to copy Oracle’s Java software code into Google’s Android operating system. The Court ordered a new trial on damages, adopting the central arguments developed by Orrick and Oracle’s in-house legal department.

The American Lawyer has also honored Josh twice as Litigator of the Year.

In addition to Josh, the Orrick team includes partners Peter Bicks, Annette Hurst, Lisa Simpson, Andrew Silverman, Mark Davies, Kelsi Corkran, and Mel Bostwick, as well as associates Matthew Bush and Jeremy Peterman.