Paris Team Leads Debate on Opening of French Rail Sector to Competition


The end of the railway state monopoly in France, as ordered by the European Union commission, constitutes a major change in French legislation and will bring many economic, competitive, social and legal consequences. To better understand, assess and discuss these consequences – as well as the challenges, risks and opportunities – our Public Law and Competition teams in Paris held a seminar on November 16.

The event was a great success. It was divided into two roundtables: one was hosted by competition partner Patrick Hubert, and the second by public law partner Jean-Luc Champy. Panelists included a senator, the vice chairman of the regulatory authority, the CEO of the major potential new entrant on the market and  the vice chairman of a Section of the Council of State, which is the highest administrative court and which also advises the Government on all legal issues.

“This seminar demonstrates once more our leading position on major legal changes, our ability to work as one team and provide integrated solutions on key topics, and our capacity to attract highly targeted audiences,” said senior counsel  Noël Chahid-Nouraï, who offered welcome remarks at the event.

Orrick Paris rail competition seminar