Report Confirms Robust Global Startup M&A Activity


Deutsch: Report: weiterhin starke M&A-Aktivitäten bei Start-ups weltweit

Orrick has collaborated with Mind the Bridge and Crunchbase on the release of the “Startup M&A Report 2017.” The report will be discussed in depth at the European Innovation Day conference in Silicon Valley on Sept. 20.

In preparing this annual M&A activity overview, Mind the Bridge and Crunchbase tracked over 15,500 startup exits globally since 2010 for a total of $1.3 trillion in value. The latest report shows the worldwide M&A market is growing fast, registering the highest year-over-year increase in deal volume since 2011. The findings note that U.S. and Europe continue to control the majority of deals and capital, centered primarily on Silicon Valley. The report found that the U.K. is the European “exit capital,” followed by Germany and France.

Orrick co-sponsored the report. Orrick partner Matteo Daste is a founding member of the board of Mind the Bridge, a global non-profit advising startups in the U.S. and Europe. Matteo and Olivier Edwards, the co-chairs of Orrick’s Silicon Valley Europe Desk for the firm’s Technology Companies Group, led our efforts to partner with Mind the Bridge and Crunchbase.

The full report can be found here:

“The Mind the Bridge research shows that Europe has grown even faster in the same period, with the size of the annual European acquisition total going from $2.5 billion in 2012 to $112 billion in 2017,” said Olivier, senior counsel in Orrick’s Paris office. “This is an important sign of the value, speed of development and strength of European startups, even if the gap with the U.S. is still huge. This is the best moment for U.S. investors and acquirers to have a look at the Old Continent and bet on the right horses.”

Added Matteo: “The launch of Orrick’s SF Bay Area Europe Desk is meant to help bridge this gap.”

Orrick’s collaboration with Mind the Bridge and Crunchbase reflects the firm’s continued emphasis on our global tech practice. During the past year, Orrick has announced key additions to our tech, European M&A and private equity practices in London, Paris, Italy and Germany.