Resounding Victory for Kleiner Perkins


An Orrick trial team led by Lynne Hermle achieved a complete and resounding victory on March 27 on behalf of the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in the high-stakes gender discrimination case brought by former junior partner Ellen Pao.

Following 24 days of trial and three days of deliberations, a state court jury in San Francisco rejected all of Ms. Pao's claims that she was passed over for senior promotion because of her gender. The jury also sided with Kleiner Perkins on Ms. Pao's claim that she was denied the promotion and ultimately terminated because she complained internally about alleged gender discrimination.

Lynne earned distinctive praise for her arguments and witness examinations. The Recorder called her cross-examination of Ms. Pao "masterful." Bloomberg reported that Lynne's "charismatic, intimidating oratory made her the trial's breakout star."

As Lynne observed at the post-verdict press conference, "Trials, like venture capital, are a team sport." Orrick's winning trial team includes Jessica Perry, Joe Liburt, Shannon Seekao, Megan Lawson and Lenny Patts.

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