Legal Speak Podcast Features Partners Meghan Kelly and William Oxley on Novel Jury Research

31 minute listen | December.06.2023

  • In this Legal Speak podcast, Meghan Kelly and William Oxley, co-leaders of Orrick’s Complex Litigation practice, explore the findings of our groundbreaking national jury research project and how they can be used to better prepare for trials.
  • The podcast, “Why it’s Exciting to be a Defense Attorney During Polarizing Times,” touches on how Meghan and Bill are sharing lessons from the research to “appeal to jurors across generations and create emotional connections with their clients’ cases.”
  • In the interview with podcast host Ross Todd, editor of Litigation Daily, Bill said the survey results demonstrate the need “to fashion your case in a way that’s going to appeal to the kinds of things that jurors care about today. So it really requires a more thematic approach, a way that communicates with jurors.”
  • Added Meghan: “I think for us it really has reinforced an approach that we’ve both used for years: Making cases stories – something that people can relate to.”