Analysis of CJEU Judgment on (Non-Material) Damages under the GDPR

9 minute read | May.15.2023

Deutsch: Kurzanalyse des EuGH-Urteils zum (immateriellen) Schadenersatz nach der DS-GVO

In the current edition of the German law journal Betriebs-Berater (20/2023), Daniel Ashkar and Christian Schröder discuss the long-awaited landmark judgment from the Court of Justice of the European Union on (non-material) damages under the GDPR dated 4 May 2023. Apart from summarizing the main aspects of the judgment, the analysis includes remarks on the judgment’s possible impact in practice. The authors further briefly touch on the Opinion of the Advocate General Campos Sanchez-Bordona dated 27 April 2023 in another proceeding before the CJEU in relation to the levying of fines under the GDPR.

The German language analysis can be found as a PDF download here>>

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