State Supervision, Enforcement, and Multistate Coordination

62 minute watch | July.12.2022

For the second webcast in our Licensing & Supervision Lifecycle series, Orrick attorneys John Kromer and Jedd Bellman were joined by Kristie Battershell from APPROVED Licensing to discuss how states are meeting their legislative mandates to supervise and examine state-licensed mortgage companies, consumer lenders, money transmitters and payment companies, servicers, debt collectors, and other nonbank entities — whether through their distinct efforts or through coordinated examinations, enforcement, and multistate actions.


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About the Licensing & Supervision Lifecycle webcast series

The opportunity to do something new in financial services has never been greater, and innovative market entrants are staking their claim every day. Companies best positioned to succeed are those that best understand the complex rules of the road that are largely determined by federal and state regulators — and are changing constantly.

These discussions are a must-attend for any in-house attorney or compliance professional at a financial services business that is either licensed or subject to the supervisory authority of state regulators, state attorneys general, and the federal government.

Part 1: State Licensing and Prudential Standards

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Part 2: State Supervision, Enforcement, and Multistate Coordination

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Part 3: State-Federal Collaboration

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