The Journey of Privacy in the U.S. – Interview With Bruce Schneier | ADCG Podcast: Ep. 33

31 minute listen | June.09.2021

“Data is toxic, and companies are ‘punch drunk’ on it, storing too much, and bringing risk to their organizations,” says Bruce Schneier, a self-described “public-interest technologist,” on this week’s episode. The discussion focuses on the government’s role in ensuring a safe communications environment and whether it should have backdoors to software and access to encryption keys.

Schneier, who works at the intersection of security, technology, and people, is a fellow and lecturer at Harvard Kennedy School, a board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Chief of Security Architecture at Inrupt, Inc.



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The Association for Data and Cyber Governance presents a podcast series that explores informed points of view – both pro and con – on the need to develop national privacy legislation. Hosts Jerry Buckley, a founding partner of Buckley LLP, and Jody Westby, a prominent data security consultant, interview some of the nation’s key privacy professionals as they sort through the policy decisions that Congress will have to address as it considers how the use of data will be regulated in the United States.



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