Privacy Policy and Financial Inclusion – Interview With Kabir Kumar | ADCG Podcast: Ep. 25

Association for Data and Cyber Governance
48 minute listen | April.14.2021

What are the advantages to giving individuals greater access to and control over their personal data? What are the prospects for reaching an international accord on data use and protection of individual rights?  This episode features a discussion with Kabir Kumar, a Director at Flourish Ventures, an investment fund with a focus on promoting financial inclusion, both in the U.S. and globally. Kumar discusses the privacy and data control policies that he is advocating with the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, the vacuum created by the lack of U.S. leadership in data regulation, and how India – a leading IT and software provider – may help shape policy in this area.



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The Association for Data and Cyber Governance presents a podcast series that explores informed points of view – both pro and con – on the need to develop national privacy legislation. Hosts Jerry Buckley, a founding partner of Buckley LLP, and Jody Westby, a prominent data security consultant, interview some of the nation’s key privacy professionals as they sort through the policy decisions that Congress will have to address as it considers how the use of data will be regulated in the United States.



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