Billy Jacobson Comments on the Challenges Faced by Corporate Counsel

The Wall Street Journal | June.29.2015

Billy Jacobson, a partner in Orrick’s white collar and corporate investigations group, recently spoke with The Wall Street Journal regarding the importance of general counsel not allowing business pressures to overwhelm legal obligations. During the PetroTiger bribery trial, the firm’s former general counsel-turned-informant noted that his role was more about business than about company ethics, and that his obligations to the company were stronger than his legal ones.

Prior to joining Orrick, Billy served as Senior Vice President, Co-General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Weatherford International Ltd., one of the world’s largest multinational oil and natural gas service companies. “GCs are held to a higher standard,” he noted, adding, “But the business pressures and business realities are still always there for them.”