Mike Delikat Quoted on Recent SEC Award to Whistleblower

The Wall Street Journal

Mike Delikat, Chair of Orrick’s employment law practice, discussed the SEC's recent award to an employee in a whistleblower case in the article "Tale of Two Whistleblowers," published by The Wall Street Journal.

The article focused on two recent cases, where the SEC gave an award to a whistleblower in one but not the other. Mr. Delikat noted that even though the SEC didn’t have to issue an award in the first case, it may have done so to send a message to companies that they need to take seriously the credible complaints of wrongdoing they receive from their workers. The SEC has been criticized for advocating that employees can come to the agency first with information, even if their companies mandate they report internally, so this award, he said, is "like a demonstration that folks still are reporting internally but companies aren't doing anything about it so we have to step in and whack those companies that don't do anything."