Wind Investment Awards: Orrick named ‘Legal Advisory of the Year’

1 minute | May.26.2023

Orrick has been named “Legal Advisory of the Year” in the Wind Investment Awards in London.

The award recognizes the firm’s Energy & Infrastructure team for work with renewable energy leaders around the globe.

Globally, Orrick closed 25 onshore and offshore wind-energy projects valued at US $3.7 billion in 2022, including high-profile deals like the US $1.6 billion project financing of the Zhong Neng offshore wind farm in Taiwan. Those projects generated 6 GW of renewable energy. Orrick also advises clients on projects using solar and innovative energy sources such as green hydrogen and biofuels as well as carbon capture and other emerging energy technologies.

"We are delighted to have advised clients on their challenging but rewarding projects,” said Evan Stergoulis, renewable energy co-head of the Energy and Infrastructure team. “This recognition is a testament to the strength of our E&I team, and our ability to provide best-in-market support."

The firm’s most recent Global Offshore Wind Report, published five months ago, chronicles recent industry growth and provides updates on offshore wind in more than 20 countries.

A company that supports the global adoption of renewable energy & clean tech through better networks, communications and insight – Tamarindo – hosted the Wind Investment Awards. In recognizing Orrick with the award, Tamarindo noted, "[Orrick’s] legal expertise and commitment to sustainability has been integral in driving the growth of the wind energy industry."