IMN Non-QM Forum

Speaking Engagement | September.09.2021 - September.10.2021

Manhattan Beach, CA

The Latest on the Political Football of the New Administration, QM Rule Cancellation & Their Implications
Thursday, September 9, 2021 - 5:05 PM EDT

Steve vonBerg draws on his legal experience in the mortgage industry as well as his background as a loan officer and underwriter to discuss:

  • Risk retention link between Qualified Mortgages and Qualified Residential Mortgages
  • Will GSE guidelines push more borrowers to non-QM?
  • Worried about fair lending?
  • Any impact on Community Development Financial Institutions Fund
  • The 7% rule and its implications on second homes and investment properties
  • Increased bank lending regulations and restrictions " good for the non-QM market?
  • What are regulatory audits looking like? Individual loan scrutiny?
  • Insurance companies and whole loan purchases
  • What are the real-world risks in the non-QM market? Where have court cases been successful?
  • Impact of new leadership of FHFA