IJ Europe 21 – Panel discussion on European offshore wind market

Webinar | September.08.2021 | 11am - 12pm ()


On 8 September 2021 join the panel discussion on European offshore wind market, which is part of IJ Europe 2021 conference. The panel discussion will be moderated by Adam Smith and will cover the following topics:

  • What are the current trends in deal structuring in offshore wind? What projects got over the line in 2021 and who were the key investors?
  • What are the support mechanisms currently available for financing offshore wind projects in Europe? What role does public capital play in offshore wind?
  • Are we seeing more partnerships between governments and developers to deploy offshore?
  • There has been a continued interest in offshore wind from oil majors, how has this impacted the market? Are we seeing any other noteworthy new market entrants (sponsors, lenders, OEMs etc)?
  • 2021 saw the announcements of some ambitious offshore projects in Denmark, Sweden, Finland & Norway. What role can we expect the Nordics to play in the European offshore market going forward?
  • Grid congestion is often identified as a key bottleneck of getting wind power to market. Is the grid infrastructure expansion happening fast enough to accommodate demand?
  • How vulnerable are offshore projects to climate risk? What are the commercial implications?

You can register (for free) to attend the session by clicking here.