US SPACs: Opportunities for German Companies

10:30am German time / 09:30 am British time

Webinar | June.24.2021 | 10:30am - 11:30am (Central European Summer Time)

Online Webinar

The past year has seen a boom in European companies listing in the United States through combinations with US-listed SPACs. These SPAC acquisitions can be an attractive alternative to conventional IPOs and can unlock value and liquidity for European growth companies, entrepreneurs and investors.

Undertaking a SPAC is a complicated and time-consuming process that can make or break a company’s future success. European companies face particular challenges as compared with US companies when considering the SPAC route to becoming a US-listed company.

Orrick’s European-based SPAC team has successfully navigated these challenges to help German and other European companies with successful SPAC combinations. Please join us for a webinar where our team will share with you some of the tips, tricks and recommendations for managing the SPAC combination and US listing process, and will discuss the mechanisms, opportunities and challenges of SPACs for these companies. The open discussion will be led by Christoph Rödter, partner in our Munich office, and Nell Scott, partner in our London office, who together are advising German technology company Lilium GmbH in its US$3.3 billion SPAC merger and Nasdaq listing.

We invite you to submit questions ahead of time so our presenters can conduct any necessary research prior to the event. We look forward to meeting with you (virtually)!

To submit your question, please contact Susanna Tirtey.

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