Christina Sarchio Offers Advice on Overcoming Life’s Challenges and Finding Success as a Woman Lawyer

ABA Journal | July.27.2017

Christina Sarchio, a member of Orrick’s Board of Directors and chair of the firm’s Class Action Strike Team, recently published a column in ABA Journal in which she discussed the various obstacles she overcame as a Hispanic woman in pursuit of a successful legal practice. Her column is part of the ABA Journal’s new “Making it Work” column, which features insights from women in the legal profession who can inspire others coming up the pipeline to achieve similar success. 

Of the challenges she faced, Christina wrote, “In the end, I wouldn’t trade those earlier painful experiences for anything because they helped get me where I am today. I’m on the board of one of the most inclusive firms in the country, have great clients and am constantly reminded why I chose this profession. As they say in A League of Their Own: ‘If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.’”

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