Latin America Roadmap to Renewables Success


Latin America is rapidly moving to the center of the global renewable energy map. Whilst developers and lenders are still encountering some challenges in closing projects, the opportunities presented by many of the upcoming auction processes are justifying the worldwide interest in the region.

Latin America finds itself at the forefront of global renewable energy development. Countries across the region have established some of the world's most ambitious deployment targets, and although many can already count on vast operating hydropower capacity, most will need a much larger and more diverse pipeline in order for the set targets to be met.

However, according to inspiratia's recent webinar on the topic, in which Orrick Energy & Infrastructure Partner George Humphrey was a speaker, the path to success is not easy. Several issues – ranging from the ease and cost of funding in the debt and equity markets, to regulation and macroeconomic factors – can throw more than a spanner in the works.