Eugene Clark-Herrera



Eugene Clark-Herrera, a partner in Orrick's San Francisco office, focuses his practice on financing for school and college facilities, as well as city and county facilities and infrastructure. His practice includes serving as bond and disclosure counsel on revenue and tax-supported bond financing involving counties, cities, school and college districts, charter schools, airports, and student and multi-family housing projects.

Eugene has experience with a variety of financing structures and characteristics, including pension obligation bonds, synthetic fixed rate bonds, and various reinvestment vehicles. In addition, he has pioneered capital markets access for California public charter schools and advised governmental issuers, foundations, advocacy groups and policy makers in the development and expansion of public charter school access to tax-advantaged financing.

Eugene also serves on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Mural Music & Arts Project, an arts-based youth development organization he founded in East Palo Alto, California, to educate, inspire and empower teens through the arts.

Prior to joining Orrick, Eugene was a public school teacher and science curriculum developer in the South Bronx and Washington Heights neighborhoods of New York City from 1993 to 1998. He is an alumni of the Teach for America Corps.

  • Eugene's representative transactions include:

    • California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank Revenue Bonds (UCSF Neurosciences Building 19A), Series 2010 ($207 million)
    • Rosemawr Management Acquisition and related financing of a portfolio of 47 charter schools across 20 jurisdictions from Educational Capital Solutions, an affiliate of EPR Properties ($454 million)
    • San Diego Unified School District General Obligation Bonds, Election of 2008, Series B, Qualified School Construction Bonds ($38.84 million - first QSCBs issued in the country)
    • Contra Costa Community College District 2012 General Obligation Refunding Bonds ($105 million)
    • City of El Cerrito Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2008 ($11 million - unprecedented structure)
    • Aspire Public Schools (multi-campus) Charter School Revenue Bonds, Series 2010 ($93 million)
    • San Diego Unified School District General Obligation Bonds and Refunding Bonds (Proposition MM Bond Program issued $1.51 billion)
    • Oakland Unified School District General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series 2007 ($200 million)
    • Bonds of the School Facilities Improvement District No. 1 of the Healdsburg Unified School District, Election of 2002, Series 2005 ($5.8 million)
    • City of Pittsburg Taxable Pension Funding Bonds, Series 2006 ($39 million)
    • City of Pittsburg Water Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2008 ($38.8 million synthetic fixed rate bonds)
    • California Statewide Communities Development Authority Student Housing Revenue Bonds (UC Irvine East Campus Apartments, Phase II), Series 2008 ($220 million)
    • County of San Joaquin Certificates of Participation (County Administration Building), Series 2007 ($114 million)