AI Personalization for Health Plans and Enterprise Health: RadiantGraph Launches With $5 Million Round

2 minute read | November.01.2023

RadiantGraph, a platform using machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive consumer engagement for health plans, has announced its launch after raising $5 million in seed funding.

Orrick represented RadiantGraph in the round, led by True Ventures and XYZ Ventures, with participation from Remus Capital.


RadiantGraph seeks to make healthcare more accessible and easier for consumers. The company’s AI platform helps leading healthcare organizations build deeper and richer connections with consumers, driving personalized engagement and clinical outcomes.

Healthcare companies that leverage RadiantGraph are able to reduce data-engineering spend while bringing new ideas, experiments and clinical interventions to consumers much faster.


RadiantGraph said it will use the $5 million in funding to accelerate growth, which includes partnering with new healthcare organizations and advancing their enterprise health and health plan product offerings.

"RadiantGraph can drive direct impact on outcomes and help healthcare companies apply AI to drive personalized experiences and keep up with the rapid evolution of AI technology underway,” said Anmol Madan, the company’s founder and CEO. “This removes the friction that healthcare companies experience when trying to engage with consumers; and outpaces in-house and third-party options."


Orrick’s Mike Sullivan and Robert Moore led the team advising RadiantGraph.


RadiantGraph news release

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