Tech Communications Day

| June.17.2023

Orrick Düsseldorf

Deutsch: Tech Communications Day

Joint event of the RWTH Innovation Entrepreneurship Center and the WHU Entrepreneurship Center, supported by Orrick:

What narrative and communication strategy can I use to position my tech company in the media and define a long-term brand essence? How should start-ups and scale-ups communicate in a crisis and what should be considered in communicative crisis prevention?

We speak with Florian Rinke, OMR editor and author, Raphael Brinkert, the creative head of the election campaign of Germany's chancellor as well as deep tech start-ups who report on how they generate "buzz" for their companies with limited budgets.

Anna Lambertz and Steffen Schulze from renowned communications consultancy FGS Global will talk about what makes for successful strategic communication, especially in crisis situations. Based on exciting and informative insights into practice, the two explain which success-critical situations start-ups face, how best to prepare for them and how to master the emergency in terms of communication.

One thing is certain: communication is of central importance, especially for tech start-ups. They regularly do not yet have an established reputation and operate in an environment that changes quickly and constantly. Communication becomes especially important for startups in crisis situations, because even small incidents can quickly become a problem that threatens their continued existence.


  • Start-up communication and building a brand - the journalist's view (Florian Rinke - OMR)
  • How I create buzz for my start-up - field reports from the RWTH and WHU start-up scene (founders)
  • Communication strategies for technology companies - crisis prevention and crisis management (Anna Lambertz, Steffen Schulze - FGS Global)
  • The Start-up and its Narrative - Key Note and Fireside Chat (Raphael Brinkert - brinkertlück)

Please note that the event will take place in German and that only those who have registered and whose participation has been confirmed can attend (on-site or online). For more information, please contact Sven Greulich.