Orrick Advises Rivage Investment on Financing for AG Altinvest's Acquisition of SEIEF


Orrick’s Paris team advised Rivage Investment on the bond financing for the acquisition of SEIEF (South Europe Infrastructure Equity Finance) by AG Altinvest, a 100% subsidiary of France Infrastructures 1 FCPI.

SEIEF holds equity participations in a portfolio of nine French SPVs that hold the following PPPs in France: a highway near Vichy, Nice Eco stadium, the French army Ministry (Balard), a French air force telecommunication network, a high speed internet network in the district of Meurthe-et-Moselle, the medical research and formation center of Versailles, the medical logistic center of Marseille, the research center of Paris-IV Sorbonne University, and three French correctional facilities.

The transaction was partly financed by the debt fund Rivage Euro Debt Infrastructure High Return, managed by Rivage Investment.

The Orrick team includes Amaury de Feydeau, Patrick Tardivy, Charles Briand, Paul Loisel, Laure Seror, Caroline Pucel, Grégoire Jouffroy and Janina Dahmouh. The Luxembourg aspects were dealt with by a SJL Jimenez Lunz team including Michel Jimenez Lunz, Iulia Gay and Carla Valdés Cortés.