Lana Le Hir



Lana represents major corporate purchasers and developers in the negotiation and post-execution support for renewable and sustainability related agreements to help them meet their global carbon reduction goals.

She focuses on innovating creative solutions for all types of utility scale renewable power purchase agreements and carbon offset and removal agreements. This work includes virtual, physical, master-confirm portfolios, block delivery, aggregation, 24/7 hourly delivery, load following, battery storage, REC agreements, on-site solar, and green tariff direct agreements. Lana leverages her deep sell-side experience as Senior Counsel to one of the largest renewable energy developers in the world, with her extensive corporate buy-side knowledge, and background in electrical engineering, to advise effectively and close deals swiftly. Lana and her team at Orrick are at the forefront of corporate renewable energy procurement and are setting the industry standards for implementation of energy justice and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) considerations.

Prior to joining Orrick, Lana was a Senior Associate at an international law firm where she managed portfolio growth for leading corporate purchasers and developers representing over 3.5 GWs of renewable transactions. She also served as Senior Counsel to Avangrid Renewables, a subsidiary of Iberdrola Renewables, for 8 years, where she was responsible for its entire US portfolio of power purchase agreements (7.5 GWs). Before her legal career, Lana managed a product engineering team in the development of a new cutting-edge wireless technology for consumer electronics.

    • A global technology corporation in the creation of virtual and physical power purchase agreement forms for their US and EU markets.
    • A global technology corporation in the negotiation and portfolio management of over 3 GWs of virtual, physical, block delivery, 24-7, load following, and aggregation power purchase agreements across their North American portfolio, in PJM, MISO, CAISO, SPP, ERCOT, Canada, and innovative new structures in WECC.
    • A global technology corporation in the creation and negotiation of novel short term and long-term form carbon offset and removal purchase agreements across the world.
    • A global food and beverage corporation in negotiation and management of their US and Canadian portfolio of virtual power purchase agreements and direct green tariff agreements.
    • A global coffee corporation in the negotiation and management of their US portfolio of virtual power purchase agreements.
    • A global e-commerce corporation’s portfolio growth of their on-site solar fulfillment center power purchase agreements across the US.
    • Several major US developers in the negotiation of virtual power purchase agreements with corporate purchasers across in ERCOT and PJM.