Li Shen

Senior Associate


Li’s practice focuses on U.S. and cross-border project development and commercial corporate transactions in the energy industry. 

Li has experience representing a broad range of clients through project development and acquisitions and divestitures, including through the negotiation and drafting of master, short-term, and long-term LNG sales and purchase agreements, tolling agreements, methanol sales and purchase agreements, hydrogen purchase and sale agreements, and physically and financially settled power purchase and sale agreements.  Li also has experience working on energy commodity purchase agreements, including oil and gas, power, and renewable energy credits using industry forms such as ISDA, NAESB, EEI, and other ancillary documents. As a Mandarin speaker who has worked in both the United States and China, Li has also leveraged her unique intercultural background to counsel Chinese energy companies in the United States.

Li is also actively involved in pro bono engagements, including asylum and immigration matters.  

  • Project Development

    • Represented U.S., European, and Asian oil and gas companies on all aspects of its LNG trading business, including the drafting and negotiation of LNG SPAs, LNG MSAs, and LNG vessel TCP
    • Represented a U.S. oil and gas company on a major gas monetization project in Equatorial Guinea involving the drafting and negotiation of tolling agreement, mooring and lifting agreement, and condensate processing agreement
    • Represented U.S. and European international power companies on the negotiation and drafting of hydrogen purchase and sale agreements
    • Represented a major corporate buyer of renewable energy with respect to a suite of physical PPAs from greenfield projects in the U.S.
    • Represented a major corporate buyer of renewable energy with respect to proxy generation PPAs, and volume firming agreements
    • Represented a major industrial construction company in the development of EPC agreements to bid for a 195 MW wind project in Kansas and a 100 MW wind project in Illinois

    Trading Commodities 

    • Represented European and U.S. multinational energy companies on various energy commodity purchase agreements, including ISDAs, NAESBs, EEIs and other ancillary documents


    •  Represented a U.S. energy company in the divestiture of two solar power projects in Washington
    •  Represented a U.S. company in the acquisition of interests in an emergency response and incident mitigation company
    •  Represented a major Japanese natural gas company and conducted due diligence on its acquisition of a majority equity interest in a company developing oil and gas assets in East Texas and Louisiana