Reuters Shares Insights from Orrick’s Groundbreaking Jury Research

2 minute read | August.08.2023

  • Reuters Legal’s Jenna Greene talked with partners Meghan Kelly and William Oxley about a new jury research report examining dramatic post-pandemic shifts in juror sentiment in venues around the nation.
  • Bill and Meghan surveyed more than 1,000 people eligible for jury service across ten states where verdicts of $10 million or more are most common (so-called “nuclear verdicts”).
  • They provide a “sneak preview” of the findings to Reuters. More detailed findings about the research will be published soon on

Meghan noted that the survey revealed “an increasing distrust of institutions across all (demographic) groups — though the distrust is based on different reasons.” As Reuters observed, “For Big Law litigators and their corporate clients, these are some formidable headwinds to navigate — but the survey also hints at winning strategies.”