Orrick Pro Bono Team Plays Large Role in New Report on Domestic Violence and Economic Empowerment


Underscoring the firm’s commitment to pro bono efforts, an Orrick team played a large role in a new report that looks at the relationship between domestic violence and economic empowerment.

Issued by Seneca Women, Orrick and the Cornell Center for Women and Justice, the report analyzes over 50 studies from around the world and offers considerations and lessons learned from looking at empowerment programs through the lens of a broader cultural framework.

Domestic Violence and Women’s Economic Empowerment: Lessons Learned from Studies that Analyze the Relationship
makes several recommendations based on their findings, including the importance of having policymakers take into account domestic violence when designing women’s economic empowerment programs, as well as the need for these programs to be monitored and studied to ensure that appropriate adjustments are made to ensure their success.

An Orrick team of 40 attorneys and staff across the firm’s Asia, Europe and U.S. offices contributed to this report over a two year period. The Orrick team was led by Orrick’s Pro Bono Counsel Rene Kathawala and associate Lisa Magged and included Leah Sanzari (New York), David Griffiths (London), Catriona Brown (London), Siubhan Magee (London), Kristin Cornuelle (Portland), Cameron Desmond (Sacramento), Alexandra Stathopoulos (San Francisco), Jenna DiCicco (Wheeling), Lindsay Nichols (Wheeling), Dawn Pinault (Wheeling), Matt Steranko (Wheeling), Julia Overhage (Germany), Daria Buonfiglio (Italy), Mimiao Hu (China), Beverly Koo Schmidt (China), Cathleen Sun (China), Konstantin Kasyan (Russia), Jamie Shookman (New York), Kathy Crost (New York), Yuko Ino (Tokyo), Emanuela Molinaro (Italy), Kerstin Henrich (Germany), Megumi Kataoka (Tokyo), Amy Ross (San Francisco), Bill Molinski (Los Angeles), William Cullen (New York) and Simonetta Formentini (Italy).

The full report is available here.