Orrick Named Among the Best At Using Alternative Fee Arrangements


Orrick is recognized among the best law firms at utilizing alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) in BTI Consulting Group’s 2016 State of Alternative Fee Arrangements report. The report, based on research conducted among 322 senior legal decision makers, identifies 22 law firms that excel at AFAs. These firms were singled out for having deep experience making AFAs work for both the client and the firm, for having sophisticated pricing professionals and analytics tools, and for proactively suggesting innovative pricing models that enhance cost-certainty and alignment of interests.

"This is an area on which we are intensely focused,” said David Fries, Senior Advisor on Pricing & Practice Management at Orrick. “One of the major developments in the industry over the past decade is the professionalization of pricing and project management -- both in the law firm and the corporate legal department. Efficiency, effective project management and reporting, lack of surprises -- these are clearly among the metrics clients use in measuring the success of engagements."

Clients also ranked Orrick among the 30 top U.S. law firms for client service in the BTI Client Services A-Team 2016 report and among the four most tech-savvy U.S. law firms in the BTI Brand Elite 2016 report—both for the second consecutive year.