ESG Drivers and Best Practices for Life Sciences Companies Webinar

59 minute watch

  • Regulators, investors and customers are paying more attention to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors
  • Managing ESG risks and identifying relevant opportunities can be an important source of long-term value
  • Boards should monitor material ESG risks and opportunities – and companies should incorporate ESG oversight into their corporate governance structure
  • For life sciences companies, climate change, patient safety and cybersecurity are ESG topics of growing importance, with cyber-attacks on health care organizations reaching an all-time high in 2021
  • The SEC has proposed rules that would require extensive disclosures about cybersecurity, human capital and climate change
  • A priority assessment is a good first step to identify ESG topics relevant to a company’s operations, including a review of investor expectations, peer practices and relevant ESG standards like SASB or the GRI
  • An ESG report is an important tool for telling the company’s sustainability story, but companies should establish key reporting and disclosure review governance features to manage risks, including greenwashing

Please find a copy of the program’s presentation here for this video recording of the program. This recording is eligible for self-study CLE in California and New York.