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MIP International Women’s Leadership Forum 2019

December.03.2019 | San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport

Silicon Valley partner Amy Van Zant will be a featured speaker at the fifth annual MIP International Women’s Leadership Forum in San Mateo on December 3rd.


The IP Strategy Summit: Global & Domestic

December.03.2019 | Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley

San Francisco partner Clem Roberts will lead the Roundtable Discussion on “IPR Strategies” during the Centreforce IP Strategy Summit in Palo Alto on December 3rd.


Nuts and Bolts of Corporate Bankruptcy 2019

December.02.2019 - December.03.2019 | Practising Law Institute New York (Webcast available)

Evan Hollander will co-chair the Practising Law Institute’s annual Nuts and Bolts of Corporate Bankruptcy this year. The program is a primer for attorneys looking to become familiar with the fundamental tenets of bankruptcy law. A group of premier bankruptcy experts will provide practice tips and ...


Pocket MBA: Finance for Lawyers and Other Professionals

November.25.2019 - November.26.2019 | Practising Law Institute New York (Webcast available)

Lorraine McGowen will be speaking on the upcoming “Evaluating the Financial Health of an Entity” panel at the New York session of the Pocket MBA: Finance for Lawyers and Other Professionals program, hosted by the Practising Law Institute. Pocket MBA is a two day program specifically designed for ...


Total Access Japan: トラベルテック-トラベルテックに関する法制のアップデートと業界の最新動向

November.21.2019 | オリック東京オフィス

オリックのトータルアクセス セミナー・シリーズは、ブレックファースト/イブニング・セッションおよびネットワーキングイベントを通じて、起業家および投資家のビジネス、戦略および法律に関する情報を提供しています。次回イベントは、11月21日(木)18:00~19:30に開催いたします。


Orrick Library Seminar - 中国における標準必須特許(SEP)を巡る訴訟の最新動向

November.21.2019 | オリック東京オフィス

本セミナーは、オリック上海オフィスのパートナーであるイーサン・マ (馬宇峰) 米国弁護士を東京に迎え、中国における標準必須特許(SEP)に係る特許侵害訴訟の最新動向について解説いたします。近時の主要な事例を用いながら、標準必須特許の法的背景、FRAND ドクトリン、差止命令による救済、SEPライセンス料の算出などについて取り上げます。


2019 SVDX Annual Dinner

November.12.2019 | Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club

Orrick is sponsoring Silicon Valley Directors’ Exchange’s Annual Dinner which takes place on November 12 in Palo Alto.


All Raise VC Summit

November.12.2019 - November.13.2019 | Marriott City Center

Orrick is sponsoring All Raise VC Summit which takes place on November 12-13 in Oakland.


MOBI Colloquium Los Angeles

November.12.2019 - November.13.2019 | The Alexandria Ballrooms, Los Angeles

Orrick is sponsoring the MOBI Colloquium Los Angeles which takes place on November 12-13, 2019. MOBI events explore the convergence of AI, IoT, Blockchain, Mobility, and Smart Cities to build the minimum viable ecosystem for human mobility by fostering creative and professional growth alike.


Lawyer Mama Happy Hour

November.08.2019 | Orrick San Francisco

Lawyer Mamas, lawmas, and llamas are invited to an evening of sips, hors d'oeuvres and networking at Orrick’s San Francisco office. We hope you can attend this opportunity to continue our group’s discussion of how we can combat racism and sexism in the legal profession.