Contract Nerds: Contracts for Generative AI: Terms and Troubles

Speaking Engagement | May.16.2024 | 9am - 10am (Pacific Standard Time)

Virtual Webinar

Shannon Yavorsky will co-lead a webinar titled “Contracts for Generative AI: Terms and Troubles” hosted by Contract Nerds. This webinar explores the unique challenges faced by contract drafters dealing with Generative AI and other machine learning technologies. It focuses on various concerns, including intellectual property rights, liability for AI-generated errors, indemnification clauses covering various legal aspects, confidentiality requirements for inputs and outputs, privacy compliance hurdles, and additional specialized terms essential for such agreements. Participants can anticipate gaining insights into addressing data ownership and control in AI systems, exploring AI vendors' indemnities and their underlying rationale, and assessing trade secrets and risks associated with generative AI.

CLE Credits Available: Y