Navigating the Legal Landscape: Inflation Reduction Act and Tax Credits for Governments and Non-profit Borrowers

The Bond Buyer

Webinar | October.11.2023 | 2pm - 3pm (Central Standard Time)

Recording Available

In this webinar, industry insiders explore how to navigate the legal hurdles surrounding the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Panelists review how the IRA is changing the market by allowing tax-exempt entities the ability to finance projects with tax-exempt bonds and receive direct payments of tax credits for certain eligible projects.  

Key discussion topics include:

  • Latest on the IRA: Understand how tax-exempt and governmental entities are planning to take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), including the primary types of tax credits available. 
  • Legal Compliance: Learn about the legal considerations and compliance requirements associated with the IRA.
  • Maximizing Tax Credits: Explore strategies to effectively leverage tax credits in the context of the IRA, including receiving credit for projects currently under construction and accessing the credits before upcoming changes in law may hinder the ability to receive the credits.