In-House Focus: ESG - What Do You Stand For?

| May.11.2022 - May.17.2022

Webinar (Not Orrick Hosted)

There's a rising interest in corporate ESG initiatives. Leading legal teams are hard at work with their corporate management as they focus on new ESG initiatives centered around employee and community well-being, economic and environmental accountability, and racial justice reforms. While some companies define their ESG agenda by identifying the standards below which they cannot fall, this program brings togethers leaders in the ESG realm who are asking not how low can we go, but how high can we fly? Orrick's Carolyn Frantz will speak on "ESG Governance and Board Oversight" panel; Ashley Walter will present on "Developing & Implementing an ESG Program" panel and J.T. Ho will speak on "Building Stakeholder Value Through ESG" panel.

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