Fashion Revolution Night Düsseldorf: Loved Clothes Last

Sponsored Event | November.07.2019 | 6:30pm - 10:00pm ()


Orrick sponsors and for the first time hosts an event of worldwide Fashion Revolution initiative, the largest movement for fair fashion industry. The event will be all about sustainability and circularity innovation featuring three keynote speeches by entrepreneurs and innovators profoundly changing the way we make, buy and consume fashion.

The event is initiated by the WHU Entrepreneurship Center with further support by HSBC Deutschland and KomKuK -Kompetenzzentrum Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft.


Starting with the entrepreneurial story of Robin Balser, his passion of giving old clothes a new life and how his startup VinoKilo saves up to five tons of old clothing during pop up events in various European metropoles every weekend.

Robin will be followed by Thekla Wilkening, Head of Business Development at Stay Awhile, who will share her insights on the clothing rental market and a newly launched research project Wear2Share which is undertaken in collaboration with the Fraunhofer-Institute.

Kim Leskovsky will present his Oslo-based startup Woolit and share first-hand insights on how, via a crowd-based knitting platform, he is directly connecting producers, designers and buyers and fundamentally changing the way clothes are being made.

The keynotes will be followed by a panel discussion on the "Future of Fashion – Global or Local?" where fashion industry experts, as well as regional designers, will discuss opportunities and challenges of global supply chains, use of recycled material as well as local manufacturing practices.

Thereafter, Orrick will invite the attendees to networking with drinks & snacks with friendly support from Manufactum brot&butter.