2nd Annual GIR Live Women in Investigations

Global Investigations Review

Speaking Engagement | June.12.2019

Clothworkers Hall, London

Please join Orrick at the 2nd Annual GIR Live Women in Investigations conference on Wednesday, June 12 at Clothworkers Hall, London, where partner Amy Walsh will be presenting.

This conference will focus on the most prevalent topics of the industry, including a review of government investigations and developments from both regional and international perspectives, an examination of technology and its impact on the future of investigations, and other hot topics.

Amy Walsh - GIR Amy will speak on the panel “Internal Investigations in the #MeToo Era.” In this session, a panel of experts will discuss the unique challenges that a #MeToo investigation can pose and will share their own experiences in conducting them.  The panel will explore the best ways to address such cases, including:

  • The basics of a #MeToo investigation. What are the similarities and differences compared to other types of investigations?
  • How to take into account the perspectives of the company, victim and accused
    How to handle the unique psychological elements and sensitivities of such investigations
  • How to tackle confidentiality
  • These investigations tend to be handled mostly by a team of female lawyers. Should this be the case or should it not differ from any other kind of investigation?
  • When involved in this kind of investigation, what can be done to combat skepticism and bias?

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