7th Annual Private Equity U.S. Forum

Markets Group

Speaking Engagement | May.09.2018 - May.10.2018

Harmonie Club

Partner Pete Lamb will be a panelist in the at the 7th Annual Private Equity U.S. Forum on the panel "Middle Market & Growth Investing" on Wednesday, May 9 at 3:45 p.m.

This panel will discuss how in this crowded private market, how high valuations are slowing the investment pace, GPs have been forced to be more creative in finding value. Increasingly, in the middle market more firms are seeking growth equity investment opportunities rather than traditional leveraged buyouts. Hybrid, crossover and growth funds are on the rise. How are investors sourcing deals for non-control investments? What challenges and opportunities lie ahead in the realm of growth in-vesting for managers and institutional investors?

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