Fintech Conference: Online Trust and Fintechs

Conférence | January.25.2017 | 7pm - 9pm ()

Orrick Rambaud Martel Auditorium

Organized in partnership with Nebula Sight, an interdisciplinary FA/M&A boutique that bridges European companies and Chinese capital.

Trust in an era of online services, from online services to fintech.

Since the advent of online consumerism and our everyday use of apps, service oriented start-ups are completely redefining the whole notion of service, pushing institutions and traditional industries – banking, insurance, arts, fashion… to adapt and sometimes collaborate with them.

This conference will be organized around 2 panels of speakers coming from service oriented start-ups and companies.

It will take place on 25 January at 19:30 in the Orrick Rambaud Martel Auditorium

Programme :

19:00 : Registration of attendees

19:30 : 1st panel – “Online Trust in different industries: how did our trust behavior evolve ?”

20:15 : 2nd panel – “How are Fintechs disrupting financial services?”   

21:00 : Cocktail reception

Opening speech by Benjamin Cichostepski et Olivier Edwards.

Speakers :

  • Andrew Green, Fondateur et CEO de Distrify Media, Hong Kong

  • Juan Cartagena, Fondateur et CEO de, USA

  • Pauline Pham, Startups Ecosystem Manager Fintech, Open Innovation Strategist de Deloitte, France

  • Yaron Ernst, Fondateur et CEO de Pulsar Connect, France – Ex Global Managing Director de Moody’s

  • Jean-Philippe Godard, COO de Homeloop, France