Partecipazione legislativa/governativa

Orrick's Structured Finance Group has participated in the development of securitization markets throughout the world and has played a critical role in many of the major legal developments that have shaped the structured finance field.

Our lawyers leverage their knowledge of regulatory matters affecting participants in the global financial markets when advising a wide variety of clients, including financial institutions, finance companies, funds and investors, as well as leading industry associations. 

Orrick has significant experience in helping clients conduct their businesses and design their financial products to comply with the broad spectrum of governmental regulations that might affect them, including securities law matters, rules governing permissible bank transactions, ERISA and tax.

As a result of our extensive financial markets activity on behalf of the financial industry, we have developed a strong reputation among, and working relationships with, many significant regulatory agencies, which enables us to be effective advocates for our clients and to obtain reliable guidance on a range of implementation and interpretive issues arising under existing and new regulatory schemes.

  • United States

    Orrick has helped shape the bank regulatory framework through our role as counsel to industry associations, including the American Securitization Forum (ASF) and Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA). Our role has included preparation of comment letters, filing amicus briefs in cases that turn on interpretation of bank regulation, and preparing testimony before the U.S. Congress. Comment letters on behalf of ASF have involved its collaboration with investors and servicers to develop a mortgage loan modification program for mortgages held in securitization trusts. For SIFMA, we have prepared comment letters regarding Dodd-Frank risk retention requirements, the Volcker Rule and an amicus brief in the Lehman Dante program bankruptcy.


    Our European partners regularly represent the interests of our clients and other market participants at meetings of the European Securitisation Forum, ISDA, the Debt Users Forum and other industry working groups. An Italian partner serves as secretary of the Italian Committee of European Securitisation Forum (ESF).