Orrick Labs

At Orrick, we take innovation seriously. We feel that it's not enough to simply stay current. Instead we are continuously challenging the status quo and improving the way we deliver legal services. One key part of our innovation strategy is technology. We launched Orrick Labs to accelerate the development of customized technology solutions. Our dedicated in-house team of technologists is focused on creating leading-edge, innovative legal service solutions to enhance quality, security and efficiency in this small skunkworks operation.

Orrick Labs looks at opportunities to be more efficient, improve quality and reduce human error. The team exploits cloud-based technology for better and more secure collaboration and Artificial Intelligence-based features. They also partner with our lawyers to develop solutions that reflect a real understanding of clients’ needs and how lawyers practice today. One example is BrightFlag Workspace (formerly Joinder), a cloud-based collaboration tool originally developed by Orrick Labs, which was spun off as an independent company, then subsequently acquired by BrightFlag.

Led by Vedika Mehera, our team has deep expertise in architecture & systems, software development, InfoSec, DevOps, user centered design, product strategy and road mapping.

Orrick Labs is one part of the firm’s approach to transform the delivery of legal services. We combine Orrick Labs’ innovation technology solutions with the right staffing and project management to deliver tangible value to our clients.