Founder Legal Boot Camp #2

Saturday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 9am to 2pm (German Time)

Firm Event | October.16.2021 - October.17.2021

Orrick Düsseldorf

Following last year’s event, this is the second Founder Legal Boot Camp by Orrick Germany with support from RWTH Innovation Entrepreneurship Center and WHU Entrepreneurship Center.

We share lessons learned from working with countless start-ups and make aware of some of the most relevant legal pitfalls that can trip over founders in the first years. The program will be augmented by an investors panel on fund raising as a university spin-out, founder/investor fireside chats on raising funds on an international stage and lessons learnt from their earlier funding rounds experiences.

Please note that only those who have registered and whose participation has been confirmed can attend. For more please contact Sven Greulich.



  • Gruppo società nel campo della tecnologia
  • Diritto del lavoro
  • Problemi legati alla legge sul lavoro transnazionale
  • Discriminazione, molestie e ritorsioni
  • Parità salariale


  • Technology Transactions
  • Proprietà intellettuale
  • Brevetti
  • Contenzioso segreti industriali


  • Sicurezza virtuale e protezione dei dati
  • Technology Transactions
  • Gruppo società nel campo della tecnologia
  • Automotive Technology & Mobility


  • Fiscale
  • Imposta sui redditi d'impresa
  • International Trade and Investment
  • Contenzioso fiscale
  • Patrimonio privato
  • Tassazione internazionale