Webinar: Defining “Reasonable” Security Under California’s New Privacy Law

Webinar | September.26.2019

Online Webinar

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Please join Michelle Visser and Nicole Gelsomini for the Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation practice's webinar “Defining ‘Reasonable’ Security Under California’s New Privacy Law.”

When California's sweeping new privacy law, the CCPA, takes effect in January 2020, it is expected to dramatically increase the number of data breach class actions filed, as plaintiffs and their attorneys seek to take advantage of the CCPA's private right of action for data breaches resulting from a company's failure to implement and maintain "reasonable" security measures. Even though consumers frequently suffer no injury when their personal information is stolen as a part of a data breach, the CCPA provides for statutory damages of $100 to $750 per California resident in the event a company is found liable. And it does so without giving any guidance on what a company must do to have "reasonable" security.

This webinar is the fourth in a series on U.S. privacy law developments in 2019 and will cover litigation strategies for defending CCPA class actions and steps that companies can take now to best position themselves to argue later that their security is "reasonable."

  • What grounds exist for avoiding the CCPA's private right of action?
  • How might the "reasonable" security standard be interpreted?
  • What other steps can companies take to reduce CCPA litigation risk?

In advance of the webinar, complete Orrick's free CCPA Readiness Assessment and receive your free report summarizing the likely key impacts of the CCPA for your business. Then come prepared with questions to ask the presenters.

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