Episode 6: The Sell-side M&A Process
 34 min watch

You're exploring exit options for your company and are interested in selling to an acquirer. How does the process work? What are the most critical things you should focus on?

Join Orrick's Aria Kashefi, Mark Seneca and John Bautista as they discuss the intriguing world of tech mergers & acquisitions, covering:

  • Orrick's sell-side experience (1:44)
  • When to start preparing for an exit (4:55)
  • How the sell-side M&A process usually works (8:40)
  • What goes into a letter of intent – and implications for sellers (15:02)
  • Tips for maximizing value in a sale transaction (18:48)
  • The most important areas of focus for founders and executives (23:56)
  • Biggest surprises for first-time sellers (29:09)