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Remember when we used to walk around the fountain in NYC’s Washington Square Park (or wherever your favorite source of inspiration is) and talk about what’s ahead? We’re looking forward to doing more of that soon. And we’re also looking forward to sharing some great conversations with the tech ecosystem nationwide.

The Future Fountain, a new podcast series developed by Orrick and NYU Future Labs, will feature founders, investors and other key players in tech to examine the most pressing issues we face today.

From DEI and sustainability, to harnessing innovation to advance social, economic and environmental justice, to practical advice on scaling your business, The Future Fountain will serve as a platform for honest conversations with leaders on where we’re thriving, where we’re coming up short, and how we all can work together to create a more inclusive ecosystem.

Mario Ruiz, Co-Founder and Partner, Infinity Ventures; previously at PayPal Ventures

Episode 2

A Roadmap for Diversifying the VC and Startup Ecosystems

Only 1-2% of venture capital-backed companies have either a Black or Latinx founder. Women still get less VC funding than men — even though companies founded or co-founded by women often perform better (sec.gov).

How can the VC and tech ecosystems become more inclusive? PayPal Ventures, the VC arm of PayPal, is trying to accelerate this change. It has made a financial and business commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through millions in grant funding to small businesses and non-profits disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and by shifting its deposits to financial institutions that support underrepresented communities. In this episode, Mario Ruiz, previously at PayPal Ventures and now Co-Founder and Partner at Infinity Ventures, shares how PayPal Ventures is driving change both within and outside of its own walls, and ways the VC community can help the tech ecosystem become more inclusive.

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Charley Moore, Founder and CEO, Rocket Lawyer

Episode 1

Starting a Company as an Underrepresented Founder

Charley Moore started Rocket Lawyer with the mission of bringing affordable legal help to consumers. Thirteen years later, more than one in nine Americans now has a Rocket Lawyer account, including thousands of employees who access these legal services through their employer-provided benefits.

Along with expanding access to the justice system, Moore is passionate about inclusive workplace environments where diverse ideas, founders and individual contributors can thrive. In this episode, Moore talks about how his experience as an underrepresented founder has shaped his career, how the tech industry can build a more inclusive pipeline and how companies can align profit with their purpose.

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