Rabindra M. David

Managing Associate


Clients facing intense public scrutiny need to know when smoke means fire. As a meticulous investigator and creative strategist, Rabi uncovers obscured information, distills overwhelming minutiae into relevant details and creates a precise path forward.

When handling internal investigations, Rabi draws upon his years spent as a Judge Advocate General and plaintiff’s litigator. In addition to gaining a robust understanding of the law, Rabi’s unique experience trained him to uncover potentially damaging information. Now as a defense attorney, Rabi uses that approach to ensure his clients are informed, and their bottom line and reputation remain protected.

Prior to joining Orrick, Rabi served more than 10 years active duty in the United States Air Force as an aviator, maintenance officer and Judge Advocate General. As a JAG officer, he prosecuted sexual assault courts-martial and disciplinary infraction discharges, and legally advised more than 60 commanders as the Chief of Military Justice. During his military service, Rabi also flew as an Electronic Warfare Officer on AC-130 Gunships and supervised the maintenance of RC-135 Rivet Joints for eight years. Afterwards, Rabi gained substantial motion practice experience as a civil litigator, writing and orally presenting in California state and federal courts.