James Jirtle



James advises arrangers, sponsors, issuers and investors in connection with collateralised loan obligations (CLOs) and other structured finance transactions, and provides advice on risk retention and other related regulatory matters.

James's experience includes advising:

  • Arrangers and managers on over 35 EUR CLOs.
  • Issuers and investors in connection with the warehousing and securitisation of various assets, including receivables, consumer loans, telco receivables and physical commodities.
  • Issuers, arrangers and investors on compliance with European securitisation regulation requirements.
  • Borrowers on corporate bonds and private debt transactions.
  • James’s recent engagements include:

    • Advising Morgan Stanley as arranger of Penta 12 CLO for Partners Group.
    • Advising Morgan Stanley as arranger of a reset of Dryden 39 Euro CLO for PGIM.
    • Representing a recruitment finance fintech in connection with a private, multi-jurisdictional securitisation of receivables.
    • Representing investors in a cross-border private securitisation of commodities receivables.
    • Advising Enel Finance International N.V. and Enel S.p.A. in connection with the issuance of a $4 billion U.S. dollar sustainability linked bond.