Howard Mintz

Director of Media Relations

Silicon Valley

As Media Relations Director, Howard Mintz is responsible for coordinating the firm's external communications, relationships with media and preparation of content on various platforms.

He works closely with the firm's lawyers in advising on best practices in dealing with media organizations, assisting in arranging and preparing for media interviews and in the development and publication of original lawyer-authored articles and other content, as well as writing and editing material for the firm's website.

Prior to joining the firm in May 2016, he spent his entire professional career in journalism, including more than 25 years specializing in the coverage of law and courts. He was a nationally-recognized legal affairs writer for the San Jose Mercury News and Bay Area News Group for nearly 20 years, and previously worked as a staff writer for The Recorder, an American Lawyer publication, in San Francisco. As a journalist, he was an invited speaker for numerous national conferences on the intersection between media and the courts, including  serving as a panelist at a 2014 University of Missouri Law School symposium (and authoring a related University of Missouri Law Review article) and a speaker at the 2011 "Public Understanding of the Courts in the Age of New Media" conference at the University of Arizona's Rehnquist Center.

He is a dad to two quarterbacks, a resident of San Jose, an Ohio native and a loyal and oft-wounded Cleveland sports fan.