Davin M. Stockwell

Of Counsel

Orange County

Davin M. Stockwell, an attorney in Orrick's Orange County office, is a member of the Intellectual Property Group.

Davin has experience in litigating and prosecuting patents in a wide variety of technology fields, including in-flight entertainment systems, semiconductors, semiconductor fabrication, design verification, computer software and hardware, power systems, financial services, e-business, business methods, medical and dental devices, and biotechnology.

Davin's experience includes preparing petitions for inter partes review and requests for inter partes and ex parte reexamination, and he is lead counsel in several inter partes review proceedings. Davin also counsels clients with regard to intellectual property strategies and has experience with prosecution of trademark applications, registration of copyrights, and protection of trade secrets. He further provides counseling and opinion services with regard to a diverse range of intellectual property matters.

Prior to joining Orrick, Davin was an associate at Lyon & Lyon LLP. Before and during law school, he was employed as an electrical engineer, developing peripheral devices for portable computer applications. Davin further has over a decade of electrical and mechanical design experience with commercial and military systems.

  • Davin's notable representations include the following cases:

    • NVIDIA Corporation. Davin represents NVIDIA in a patent case in the Northern District of California and in an investigation before the International Trade Commission each related to synchronous DRAM controller interfaces and other computer interfaces that adhere to industry standards.
    • Belkin International, Inc. Davin represented Belkin, a major supplier of peripheral computer switching components, in a current patent infringement lawsuit originally brought against Belkin in the Eastern District of Texas but successfully transferred by Belkin to a California district court.
    • Fox Entertainment Group and Fox Broadcasting Corp. Davin defended Fox in a patent infringement action involving forward error correction techniques allegedly used in television broadcasts.
    • Nanya Technology Corporation. Davin represented Nanya in a number of patent infringement actions involving Nanya's synchronous DRAM products.
    • Cadence Design Systems, Inc. Davin was part of a multiple-office team that won a major victory before a Northern California jury for Cadence in a patent and trade secrets trial. After a four-week trial, Cadence prevailed on all counts by invalidating three patents at trial and defeating claims of misappropriation of trade secrets and other common law causes of action. Mentor Graphics, the plaintiff, sought close to $1 billion but got nothing. The jury trial victory for Cadence is remarkable because the court, prior to trial, had found infringement of two of the three patents that remained in the case. The jury invalidated all patents presented to them, including those subject to the court’s infringement findings.
    • Intel. Davin represented Intel in a trade secrets misappropriation lawsuit filed by a supplier of CAD software. The CAD software supplier alleged that Intel and other semiconductor companies were liable for trade secrets misappropriation on account of their use of commercial software obtained from a vendor accused of misappropriating source code. Intel obtained summary judgment dismissing the action in its entirety on the ground that it did not acquire or use the alleged trade secrets.
    • Dow AgroSciences LLC. Davin represented the company and its affiliates, Mycogen Corporation, Mycogen Plant Sciences, Inc., and Agrigenetics, in a number of patent infringement cases involving the enforcement of patent rights to methods for making genes and inserting them into plants to make the plants insect-resistant, enforcement of patents on particular genes, and defense against infringement claims.
    • Siliconware Precision Industries, Co., Ltd. Davin represented Siliconware Precision in a patent infringement case brought by Tessera, Inc. in district court and before the International Trade Commission.

    Davin drafted and prosecuted the following representative patents:

    • United States Patent No. 8,145,469, entitled "System and Method for Providing Compact Mapping Between Dissimilar Memory Systems"
    • United States Patent No. 7,984,190, entitled "System and Method for Managing Content on Mobile Platforms"
    • United States Patent No. 7,945,934, entitled "Portable Media Device and Method for Presenting Viewing Content During Travel"
    • United States Patent No. 7,792,933, entitled "System and Method for Performing Design Verification"
    • United States Patent No. 7,715,783, entitled "System and Method for Receiving Broadcast Content on a Mobile Platform During International Travel"
    • United States Patent No. 7,675,849, entitled "System and Method for Routing Communications Signals Via a Data Distribution Network"
    • United States Patent No. 7,640,155, entitled "Extensible Memory Architecture and Communication Protocol for Supporting Multiple Devices in Low-Bandwidth, Asynchronous Applications"
    • United States Patent No. 7,518,897, entitled "System and Method for Providing Content-Addressable Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory Cells"
    • United States Patent No. 6,867,862, entitled "System and Method for Characterizing Three-Dimensional Structures"
    • United States Patent No. 6,742,928, entitled "Dental X-Ray Block"
    • United States Patent No. 6,371,915, entitled "One-Twelfth Wavelength Impedance Matching Transformer"
    • United States Patent No. 6,361,500, entitled "Three Transducer Catheter"
    • United States Patent No. 6,232,888, entitled "Traffic Paging System"
    • United States Design Patent No. D570,711, entitled "Bracelet Watch"
    • United States Design Patent No. D458,843, entitled "Fermentation Bung with Ventilation Apertures"

    Davin also is active in pro bono matters. His pro bono engagements include:

    • Representing a beneficiary under a holographic will seeking to appeal her removal as executrix of the will.
    • Representing a restaurant owner in a dispute with her landlord regarding water damage in the restaurant due to a defective fire sprinkler system.
    • Representing an entrepreneur with forming his baby shower auction business and with protecting his intellectual property rights in same.
    • Representing an agriculture technology developer seeking to protect his intellectual property rights while making the technology available to citizens of developing countries.
    • Representing another entrepreneur with securing patent protection for his bracelet watch design